About Golden Frames Photography

Life moves, time flies, sometimes a little to fast! Sometimes, we all wish that there was a camera following us all the time! But that is not practically possible. Some moments are special, and some are very special. So, for freezing those special & very special moments, I am here!

Golden Frames

Who am I?

Delhi based photographer who loves beautiful things & who loves to make things look beautiful!

My name is Bakul and I’m a founder of the enterprise “Golden Frames Photography”.

I completed my master’s degree in Information Technology, but having a lifelong passion for photo industry, chose to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

Photography has filled me with purpose and joy, and taken me places I never thought I’d go. Having years of experience as a professional photographer, I’ve done numerous exciting photo shoots, covered various fashion events, concerts, beauty pageants, and got to work at congress proceedings.

Ultimately, I have experience in shooting all types of different genres of Photography, including Fashion Photography, Candid Wedding, Kids Photography, Architectural, Interior, Product and Food Photography, Event Photography and more.

Often my clients question me: what’s your specialty? Fashion, Kids, Weddings? My specialty is capturing you! Your style. Your personality. Your story. I love it when my clients say: Oh wow! She captured it so well!

However, I have never felt so blessed by photography as when I am photographing a wedding. At weddings, we are most visiblyourselves – the walls we walk around come tumbling downunder the forces of joy and anxiety. To document that experience,the relationship of friends, families, and a couple launching a newstage in their life, is an incredible feeling. From the best friend to fiancé, Golden Frames Photography is here to document the moments that will forever remind you what a wedding day is all about — love. In all that we do, we aim to inspire you to cultivate a one-of-a-kind affair that truly celebrates your unique personality as a couple.

Being the Founder and Director of my own enterprise “Golden Frames Photography”, I understand the vital aspects of photography business, as well as the creative and technical challenges involved in the creation of high quality pictures. Wedding Photography requires sufficient management, which Golden Frames is ready to provide. We make our clients’ experience as stress-free as possible. It’s our job to capture all of the beautiful moments from your big day.

What I Do?

I capture precious moments of your life so that after 5, 10, 15 years from now, you can cherish your baby’s first smile, your daughter first birthday or your first modeling portfolio!

Why Me?

“Often my clients question me, what’s your specialty? Fashion, kids, babies, weddings? Well! My specialty is capturing you!!! You in an element of yourself! I love it when my clients say Oh wow! She captured it so well!”

I look forward to here from you!

-Your Photographer